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Allusion Brewing Company was started in 2013. When John Bieranoski and Robert Buchanan started experimenting with home brewing, the resulting beers they created were of surprisingly good quality. As more and more friends and family tried the beers they were creating, the demand for the beers continued to grow. Within a very short time, there were continuous suggestions that a microbrewery should be considered.

Nick Bieranoski joined the team early in stages of development. He shares Robert and John's passion for craft beer and his enthusiasm for the business has expedited the expansion of our brewing capacity and our search for a flagship location.



about us

  • Banshee Blonde
  • One Inning More
  • Far Far IPA
  • Baker Street Brown
  • Endless Dark
  • Braeburn Porter
  • Jolly Old Elf
  • Gently Rapping
  • Slow and Steady
  • Tallahassee's Quest

While discussing the potential for a microbrewery in 2013, John and Robert were brainstorming ideas for the name of the brewery. Both being advocates of classical literature and history, the names of the beers were always being created with an obvious or sometimes subtle reference to a figure or item from history or literature. When it was apparent that all of our beers names were alluding to literature, film, and pop culture, Allusion Brewing Company seemed a perfect fit!